about us

Her Circle, founded by Nita M Ambani, is an inclusive, collaborative, diverse, interactive, socially-conscious digital movement for the women of India. We are her safe space for growth.

Team Hercircle.in

Tanya Chaitanya
CEO and Editor-in-Chief

After having helmed Femina as its editor-in-chief for 13 years, Tanya needed a break. Against all logic, the workaholic in her pushed her to create an ambitious, inclusive, purpose-driven movement called Her Circle. Logic is also the last thing on her mind when she is spending time with her first-born Pushkin (Lhasa Apso by breed, untrained foolish canine by choice) and her babygirl, Trina (AKA human tornado).

Piyush Chopra
Chief Strategy Advisor

Piyush directs the Chairperson’s Office at Reliance and heads all special communications and international relations. When she is not writing, she is problem-solving. When she is not problem-solving, she is learning how to, from the center of her circle – her little daughter Roohani.

Iona Chatterjee
Head-Marketing & Comms

After having driven several narratives as a digital content creator and marketer for more than a decade, Iona Chatterjee chose to change the narrative and drive her passion instead; a passion that connects her to Her Circle’s inclusive expressions. A shopaholic and coffee lover, when she’s not writing and binge-watching, Iona loves to spend time with her parents and lives the life she’s always dreamt of.

Karishma Sen
Lead-SM & Asst Editor

Writer, baker, and travel enthusiast, Karishma Sen mixes her love for food, travel, fashion, and photography to weave strong narratives. With coffee running through her veins and books ruling her heart, she’s waiting for the day she can travel, and cook from an isolated island somewhere.

Ranjith V
Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketer, nature lover and a seasoned trekker, Ranjith V claims he was named after the famous Bollywood villain. When not working, you might catch him daydreaming about being the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses. In an alternate universe, he would have been a stand-up comedian.

Sonali Valecha
Content Manager - Fashion & Sustainability

A sucker for all things stylish, Sonali Valecha creates fashion and sustainability content at Her Circle. Always on the lookout for innovative, homegrown and eco-friendly brands in fashion and otherwise, she's also a hard core beach bum and loves working with new fabrics.

Sameer More
Video Editor

Art enthusiast, Video Editor, and family man, Sameer More is all about that attention to detail. When he’s not working, you’ll find him spending quality time with his wife and son, or taking long rides on his motorcycle.

Harish Iyer

Photographer, writer, poet and animal lover, Harish Iyer watches the world through the view finder.

He likes to keep plenty of room for curiosity, and new ideas are always cooking for him.

He thinks he could win cooking competitions if he wasn't in love with his camera and his life behind it.

Yash Bedi
Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Coming from the holy city of Haridwar, Yash Bedi’s life is all about enjoying the small moments rather than running behind the glitz and glam of the metropolitan cities. As an avid animator, video editing guru, and an art lover, he is someone who just can’t sit idle. He has his own universe within his laptop, and is known as Red Riding Hood among his friends because of his red scooter and helmet. When he’s not working, he loves to go places, capture moments of life and savor the rich taste of Indian food.


Anupriya Verma
Sr. Features Editor

With nearly two decades of experience in the field of journalism, Anupriya Verma has now started working on a mode which she truly enjoys. With Her Circle as her creative platform, she is exploring exactly what she loves: Creating compelling stories every day. Food, a zest for life, films, family, fashion, and friendship are the seven things that complete Her Circle

Content Manager-Features

A go-getter, opportunity-seeker and travel enthusiast, Srishti specialises in story-telling for TV and digital platforms while adding an interesting touch to every piece of content that she creates. She loves weaving stories and striving to bring about a change. When she is not working, you will find her interacting with new people and trying to learn about their experiences.

Content Manager

Apart from being a writer & an artist, Subhashree is a jewellery collector, stationary hoarder and a doting parent to 49 plants. When she’s not writing, she loves stalking dogs and do nothing! When she’s home, she likes to pick fights with crows when they use her windowsill as a dining table. 


Content Manager

Prachi's priority is action rather than preparation. Prachi's cuisine usually includes a life-changing narrative. She has been involved in the field of writing for over 15 years and enjoys all types of writing. Be it for entertainment or a tale about women. And, yeah, providing every taste in storytelling is one of her talents, in addition to producing wonderful meals.

Nikita Bajaj
Editorial Co-ordinator

With six years of working experience in the events industry, Nikita believes that learning is a constant process, a journey wherein she drives herself to be a better person. She is passionate about her work, and this helps her bring her best to the role. She is a people person, a team player and loves meeting new people. When she is not working, she likes to play badminton, listen to music, and watch food videos. She loves to go on family holidays as well.